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The Way

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Information about the festival will appear here soon.

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The Way

Before the festival

3-5 November
Çıralı, Turkey

The Way is the first international festival of self-development and creativity

Dear friends, on November 3-5, in the most spiritual town of Turkey, Cirali, surrounded by mountains, the sea and orange gardens there will take place the first international festival of self-development and creativity The Way

A global reboot of consciousness awaits you, surrounded by like-minded people in a caring and safe atmosphere.

At seven locations, all three days there will be practices and workshops from guides from all over the world a bright ecstatic dance, a beauty-zone, an aroma bar, massage by professionals of their field, creative workshops, delicious food, tea ceremonies, a whole fair by masters, artisans and designers, shamanic practices, healing sessions, sound healing, esoteric practices, thematic spaces for the most sophisticated, author's techniques, performances and much more.


Unique project - the best DJ’s and leading dance-motor practices!

We dance ONLINE - 3 times a week - 11:00 - 11:30 - Msk.

New hosts and new music - every week - broadcasts and recordings.

Live streaming - we see each other in ZOOM - warm community.



Igor Budnikov
is the leader of mindfulness in Russia, entrepreneur and teacher of mindfulness practices.

For more than 12 years in practice, he studied in monasteries and retreat centers of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, cumulatively spent more than 5 months in intensive retreats.
More than 10 successful author’s courses in the field of self-
development, mental health and wellbeing.
In total, his program has passed more than 300 thousand people, and meditations have reached the mark of 3 million streaming streams, more than 14 million video views on YouTube.

Igor will hold a Mindfulness Meditation for guests and participants of the festival

Budnikova Natasha

 - singer, author of reality-changing songs, top-1 leader of women’s circles in Russia, more than 5000 women after meeting with Natasha remembered themselves and became happier, founder of the Brand of clothes
nd jewelry Bud in Love.

As part of the festival, Natasha will share with our beautiful girls what is productivity in a female way and
will sing her song-anthem "Woman".



Katerina Tolkacheva

Urban Shaman.
Certified art therapist, master of potential, leader of transformational trainings and retreats. Artist.
Producer and leading cultural project «Path of the heart».


Psycho-technologist, mentor for potential and purpose, mindfulness teacher, leading transformational trainings and retreats
Film director, screenwriter, producer.
Author and leading cultural project «Path of the heart»


- a blogger, political activist, training host, feminist and practitioner researcher.
A winding path from yoga and meditation to psychotherapy and activism has passed through the valley of motherhood and count of complicated relationships.

Zap tells about how to raise yourself into a happy person.

Mikhail Surtukov
Expert of deep meditation and human design.
Founder of the project "Mikhail Surtukov School".

Author of online and live retreats, a free meditation course that changed lives of thousands of people.
Mikhail will help all guests of the festival to understand their purpose, to find catharsis, to make a breakthrough in the development of themselves and in relations with others.


Vladimir Golotropchuk

- founder of the Daos School of instructors and coaches of physical energy practices, author of the method of bodily energy ESMG.
Master of daos practices, expert on the Book of Changes, author of the transformational game
«Lord of Change»
Holds seminars and trainings for more than 30 years


The creator of the school of psychology and psychosomatic Telogid. Systemic approach to physical and emotional health.

More than 10 years of practice, more than 10,000 clients.

For guests of the festival will hold a lecture «Secrets of non-random patterns»


Elena Popenko

 is a coach-sexologist, yoga therapist, VIP tantra, teacher of female sacred practices.

19 years of practice. Speaker of various forums, conferences and master of women’s festivals all over the world.

The author of own technique of women’s health, youth and beauty «DNA of Happiness».

Anna Davydenkova

Producer of the courses:
Over $180,000 has been earned by her clients over the past year

Sales and Startup Guide:
My clients are selling their services
from scratch for $25,000 a month


Agozyan Spirit

At the festival you are waiting for branded candles for creation your reality.

A limited collection of purification and connection kits with its inner divine energy has been released for active practitioners.

Collaboration with The Way

New Year’s tale from India to Antalya
on December 25!
Immerse yourself in the amazing world of Indian music at the concert of a talented singer, musician and composer - BITTU MALLIK


«Our friends invite»

21-28 October

Author’s tour «Journey on the Lycian trail (Turkey)»

New route from Kas to Cirali with a sea walk near the sunken island Kekov!

We made a new route by choosing the most interesting and scenic sections of the central and eastern part of the Lycian Trail. Sun, mountains, ruins of ancient cities and unique Mediterranean landscape!

A nice walk before the festival The Way!

Organizer of the tour is Anastasia Kasnikovskaya

Recording and all your questions
What’sApp +79259145382 Anastasia

Flower Studio Neşe Flowers

"Neşe" in Turkish means «joy». To give joy is the mission of our company.
We will collect for you a stylish and fresh bouquet «as at home»
Antalya, Turkey


For practitioners and market participants.

We invite everyone who responds to our idea to join us. To become part of our festival, please fill in the questionnaire.

russian version
english version


Festival programme

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Dear friends, now you can buy a ticket at a minimum cost of 100$. This amount includes all practices declared in the timetable. Payment is accepted in any currency convenient for you.

Location of the festival


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If you want to strengthen your business, become a part of our program, reveal your brand, expand your customer base on a global level and contribute to the development of a peaceful and conscious society, there is a special offer for you. To get acquainted with the sponsorship packages, write us.


Festival organizer
Ekaterina Tsepaeva

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